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More Listings, More Sales, More Commission, Less Work – the way real estate should be in the 21st century

eXp Offers arms agents to win in the listing presentation, sell properties for more and earn more commission, all with less effort.

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    Handle more listings, more sales with less work

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    Accomplish more with eXp Offers

Your Sale, Your Way

Sell the way you've always sold property, only now do it digitally through the eXp Offers platform. Need to change strategy halfway through the sale? We've got you covered!

Reclaim Your Evenings, Manage More Listings

The time spent on buyer follow-ups and contract negotiations adds up quickly. eXp Offers streamlines these tasks freeing up valuable hours, so you can effortlessly handle more listings and expand your business.

Your Sellers Will Adore You

Sellers complain about communication more than any other issue and the lack of communication makes them anxious. eXp Offers resolves this by keeping your sellers updated in real-time throughout the process.

Unrivalled Support

With your eXp Offers subscription, you gain access to an extensive level of support and training, ensuring you fully capitalize on all the advantages our platform has to offer.

We remove all the

Created by agents for agents, eXp Offers is engineered to remove the most frustrating roadblocks that plague the real estate industry. Since its inception, our platform has effectively removed roadblocks caused by a deficit in trust, transparency, and communication, becoming an indispensable asset for real estate professionals in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA.

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