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What if you could be instantly notified of every offer as it comes in? What if your agent could dedicate more time to drumming up competition for your property, ultimately securing you a better deal?

That's the advantage eXp Offers brings to your agent's toolkit - you'll receive real-time updates on all incoming offers, allowing your agent to focus on creating a more competitive environment for your property.

Thanks to the heightened transparency eXp Offers provides, every buyer has an equal shot at competing for your property. Your only task is to select the offer and terms that align best with your needs.

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    Eliminate the stress of selling with real-time updates

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    Create intense competition for your property


How much better would it feel to know you have fair and equal opportunity to put forward your best offer and compete on equal terms with every other buyer. Say goodbye to the stressful "First and best offer" approach, where you're left guessing if your offer will make the cut. With eXp Offers, you'll have fair and equal opportunity to make your best offer and land your dream home, all while staying informed at each stage of the process!

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